Preventing Late Summer Fleas Around Portland

August 15, 2019

They’re pesky, they’re itchy, and where there is one, there are hundreds. No matter how you look at them, fleas are bad news, 100% of the time.

Preventing Late Summer Fleas Around Portland

They’re pesky, they’re itchy, and where there is one, there are hundreds. No matter how you look at them, fleas are bad news, 100% of the time.

Several factors lead to flea infestations in or around homes during the late summer months, thanks to the high moisture content in Oregon’s atmosphere. With temperatures holding in the 70s accompanied by heavy rainfall, the humble and hair-raising flea is rapidly approaching the most comfortable breeding conditions of its life-cycle. Coupled with a lot of outdoor activity in Portland, at this time of year, and the abundant plant life in August, fleas have plenty of places to hide while searching for their next host body. Even with pets on flea and tick prevention medications, this time of year can often see a significant rise in the number of hungry fleas.

There are multiple flea prevention steps that you can take just while engaging in everyday activities, and a few mistakes you should avoid if you’re looking to ensure complete safety from these villainous vermin.

Fight Off the Fleas

As they say in sports, some of the best offense is rooted in defense. Here are some key steps to preventing late summer fleas in or around your home.

  • Be aware of the outdoor environment you and your pet will be visiting. Keep your lawn well-manicured and avoid letting the grass grow to a height above six inches. Prune back bushes or trees that are touching the house.
  • Stay away from fields or recreational areas that are not maintained. Apart from fleas, many other kinds of pests enjoy resting in tall grass or shrubs.
  • Clean your home often, especially in areas that your pet frequents. Vacuum regularly.
  • Check for signs of infestation on your pet. No matter the severity, they should not be taken lightly.

These are some of the best flea preventative actions to take this summer. No matter how hard you try, however, these pests may still find their way into your home.

Be Carefree With Kanga

Once fleas make their home on a new host, the issue will only worsen until it becomes a widespread infestation. If fleas are beginning to bite you and your pets, make sure to get professional help now. Call the pest control technicians at Kanga, offering a wide variety of services and plans for every kind of unique pest control need.

Contact us today to receive your inspection from one of our caring pest control technicians and begin moving forward against flea infestations, now and in the future. If you’ve got pests of any sort, no worries mate! Kanga’s on the case.


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