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Spiders Extermination Service

What is included in the Kanga spiders extermination service?

This service includes a full interior treatment of baseboards and ceiling corners. Interior fogging is done. Garage may also be treated.  We also include a full exterior spray around the perimeter and de-webbing of eaves.


How long does an average appointment take?

1 -2 hours.


What makes Kanga’s service better than your competitors?

We provide the most in depth service. We don’t cut corners to save money. We use only the best products on the market.


If you find a better price with a competitor, there is something you should know..

If you find a cheaper price for the exact same service, we will match it and beat it by 5%!


How often should I have a follow up appointment?

It is recommended that after the first initial treatment there be at least 2 monthly follow ups. For long term prevention of Spiders, a quarterly maintenance program is ideal.


Which spiders to watch out for?

Spiders are easily recognized by most people as they possess eight legs which immediately separates them from insects who only have six. Spiders lack wings and antennae, and their bodies only have two major regions: a carapace which includes the head and thorax and an abdomen. Young spiders resemble the adults except Black Widow for size and sometimes coloration. Many species of spiders are common in the household as they spin webs over lamps, corners and in the basement. Remember that every cobweb is was made by a spider. Although all spiders use venom when they bite to kill their prey, the black widow, hobo and brown recluse spiders (none of which create cobwebs indoors) are dangerous to humans. The agrarian sac (or yellow sac) spider is also known to cause painful bites, redness, swelling and itching. It is advised if you have been bitten to consult your physician. Under some conditions outdoors, spiders are considered beneficial because Yellow Sac Spider they feed on insects. However they are undesirable to most homeowners when indoors. Some spiders are associated with moisture and can be found in basements, crawlspaces and other damp parts of buildings. Others live in warm, dry places such a subfloors, air vents, in upper corners of rooms or in attics. Most hide in cracks and darkened areas.

Black Widow
Yellow Sac Spider

Spider facts:
• Spiders are arachnids not insects.
• All spiders can spin silk, but not all spiders spin webs. Jumping spiders, for example, have great eyesight. They simply wait to pounce on their prey.
• Even though all spiders can bite, most of them do no more harm to a human than a bee sting or a mosquito bite. Most spiders with a life-threatening bite are quite shy and attack only when they feel threatened.

Hobo Spider
Brown Recluse


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