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Dealing with unwelcome pests can be challenging for most homeowners. Different pests require different treatment plans. We want to help make it a priority to keep your home, family and pets safe. Whether you operate a restaurant, coffee shop, grocery store or office, most of your customers will have an extremely negative reaction if they spot an insect inside your business. We want to help you protect your investment. Buying or selling a home and need to get a pest problem resolved? We can help with that. Here at Kanga we know that real estate transactions are on a time frame and we can do it as soon as you need it.



Recurring Service Plans

The following are general options we provide to customers who have recurring needs:

  • Initial treatment with 2 monthly follow ups for a seasonal prevention or Initial treatment with 1 monthly follow up and quarterly treatment thereafter for a year round prevention.  (Required for rodents)
  • Initial treatment with 1 monthly follow up. (General pests)
  • Initial treatment with 1 monthly follow up and quarterly maintenance thereafter. Guaranteed to be pest free all year long! (General pests)


Guaranteed Quarterly Perimeter Service

Our goal is to prevent pests from entering your home and becoming an unwanted visitor. With our guaranteed Quarterly Perimeter Service, we can eliminate the need for you to make appointments for monthly or seasonal services. If while on service a problem arises, we give complementary retreats.

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